Award Categories

This year awards will be given in eight different categories including freelancer, teams of young talents, entrepreneurs and successful IT individuals in the local industry of the country. This time the award categories are distributed highlighting relevant criterias and portfolios to better justify the awards and to know about their stories of success. Though Creative IT Award Panel and management reserved every right to choose the individual or team to be awarded. And for this we have some rules and criterias to be followed as completing the selection procedure. In total we are going to give rewards to around 30 including all categories.

  • Beginner's Achievement Award
  • ‘Adommo’ Award
  • Woman Freelancer Award
  • Employee Award
  • Top Freelancer Award [Graphic Design, Web Design, Interior Design, 3D Animation, Digital Marketing]
  • Entrepreneur Award
  • Freelancer Team Award
  • Distant Learning Award

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We have set some standards based on which we are pursuing the winners. The candidate must choose any one of the category stated above. There are few rules that are applicable for all categories and few rules that are different according to different category selected. Please make sure you are fulfilling all criteria before applying for the award.

General Rules-

  • Must be a student of Creative IT.
  • Must select any one award category for applying that best matches with your specialization.
  • Choosing multiple options or applying multiple times will be referred as cancellation of the application.
  • Must mention faculty name and batch number.
  • Must mention specialized areas or skills.
  • Must have a sound portfolio online [Marketplace Portfolio or Curriculum Vitae].
  • Must have mentionable income in any of the places [Marketplace or IT company].
  • Must have income statement [Marketplace screenshots or company’s salary statement].
  • Must have minimum of one year experience in your specialized area. But for beginner level students the rules are different.
  • Must need to fill up each box of the form accordingly. If any wrong information found then your application will be rejected.

Please check below. We include a brief of each categories. And here comes the category wise rules that you need to go through before applying for any of the categories.

Beginner’s Achievement Award : The people who has completed the course or running students of Creative IT are also getting this opportunity of applying and being selected as one of the candidate. For them we have one special category and the rules which are applicable for them are as follows-

  • Completed the course before three months or less than that
  • Any running student who is started earning in the middle of the course
  • The students must apply as Beginner’s Achievement Award

Adommo Award : The candidate here needs to compete from education to employment. All types of adversity, obstacles cannot defeat the people who are craving for success and finally their winning journey creates a success story.

  • Must have a story of struggles in achieving success
  • It can be physically challenged people whom we have trained so far
  • Must need shine as individual and not as a team

Women Freelancer Award : Women live not only to serve their family, doing household chores, or giving birth to the present and next generations. They can do lots more to contribute the society. Creative IT has a crowd of more than 5000 Female IT Leaders among them top rated and most successful IT professionals will be awarded in the event.

  • Must be a female student of Creative IT
  • Must have sound background in IT
  • Must need to fulfill all our general criterias that are mentioned above

Employee Award : The local IT industry is also growing along with the international marketplaces. So the students who are placed in renowned employers and organizations through our job placement cell after successful completion of their preferred profession IT courses. They will also be selected as nominated candidate. And the criteria that will be followed for the selection procedure are stated here.

  • Must need to mention the name of the company you are working in
  • Must need to mention the designation you are holding there
  • If any remarkable promotion is there, please mention
  • Salary range must need to be any of which is mentioned in the registration form
  • Mention name of any professional training that has been taken in your job life
  • Any performance appraisal recieve by the Human Resource Department of the company.
  • Mention any remarkable project that is completed in your job life

Freelancer’s Award : The Freelancers who are shining in the online marketplaces, being top rated in different IT skills and winning contests, contracts of jobs online will be nominated here for the award. Top Freelancer Award will be presented as a token of their achievement.

Number of Works : We will see if you have marketplace accounts with a load of resellable works or have noted works for national or international clients. Should have proven track record of winning entries in renowned marketplaces. The total number of works done till now will be highlighted note here.

Strong Portfolio : We will see if you have a designated portfolio that shows your specialized skills and concepts and have appreciations of buyers and visitors. This can also be included about the rating and reviews from clients. Working as a freelancer for a recognizable period.

Hourly Rate Per Head : Hourly Rate is nothing but to measure market demand of the respective freelancer and outsourcer. If the marketplace has success levels and rating than your position/rating will also be noticed like are you top rated, level 1 to or upward.

Social Media Channel : The jury panel of award committee will also measure your social media presence, followers and availability of yours. If you are popular among the community and have notable social media followers and achievements it definitely gonna be a plus. Your voluntary experience will also be measured.

Entrepreneur Award : The individual or community who are running IT business or running outsourcing firm or individually growing as one entity will be nominated as the candidate. Few criteria needs to be justified here as individual or community.

  • Must have a company name and exposure
  • Must have physical identity of the company
  • Establishment of the company needs to be more than 1 year

Freelancer Team Award : A team of young IT professionals who are freelancing in international platform will be nominated for the award. There are few stated point that you need to notice before apply.

  • Must need to have a team of minimum 3 members or more
  • Must need to have a name of the Team
  • Must need to earn a minimum of $500 or more
  • Must need to have an office or any common place of working

Distant Learning Award : The students who has joined the curriculum across the country will be nominated under this category. Distance can’t stop their wish to be skilled and built a career from home. They learn online from the mentors of CITI, become IT skilled and engaged in online careers even from outside the country.

  • Must need to complete the course from outside Dhaka
  • Must need to complete the course online
  • Must need to have a success story
  • Must need to have remarkable position in online/ local marketplace


1. Primary Selection Procedure : In this stage we are going to select 100 candidates in different categories who will be eligible for the primary stage. In this stage we will have a team of four as a judge panel. The respective faculty, quality management team, executive director and IT leader of an outsourcing firm. They will judge all the applications and will screen about the qualities of work that we are looking for and then will select 100 out of all applications.

2. Portfolio & History Analysis : In this stage all their portfolio and history of earnings will be crossed match to ensure their status current status in IT industry and the judge panel will then select 50 candidates out of them for next stage of selection procedure.

3. Final Selection Procedure : In this stage the selected 50 candidates will be called for interview session and the creative team along with the judge panel will scrutinize where it lacks and who has more compatible profile for taking position in the Top 30. Thus it all depends on your interview session and your way of explaining skills and ideas. If it impress the judge panel the position will be yours. And there we have 8 categories for this 30 awards. Please make sure that people who are applying must follow all the mentioned regulations.


The possibility is never ending here. In the field of information technology and service sector, the best professionals are those who dreamt to create innovative ideas, and with utmost competence and hard work make Bangladesh to another Silicon Valley. Creative IT is working relentlessly to bring that dream into reality. Giving a professional career as a gift to deserving candidates and promote their raw talents. The purpose of this event is to not only honour the successful individuals but also arrange their placement, that they can start their first career. And to make our mission successful, creative IT is grateful to all the job placement partners, who are here standing side by us.