Events Summary

The event is designed for a celebration of young IT leaders who performed excellent in different IT platforms and ensured outstanding career developments by the passing period of time. As a part of the celebration we have ‘Award Giving Ceremony’ for the success young IT professionals, Motivational speeches by the industry giants and many more interesting sessions. Creative IT is arranging this event called “Projuktite Dokkho Karigor Shommanona” where IT people will be coming forward with number of unique specializations. Till now more than 30000 IT Professionals have been trained from Creative IT Institute and this event is organized to reward them. The main purpose of the event is to honor all successful freelancers’ achievement, to give rewards to people who are excelling in local industry, to give rewards who are ruling the IT industry as successful entrepreneurs and doing great in outsourcing sector. Besides the event is organized to assist and suggest students who are beginners and want to explore the extraordinary field of IT industry, who are eager to secure a better job, decent life and above all a better career.

The CEO of Creative IT Institute says, We’ve organized this event to encourage all successful faces to perform even better and to also inspire those who are not performing that excellent. Besides, we want to contribute in improvement of IT sectors of Bangladesh by admiring young talents, ensuring job facilities to students thus reducing unemployment of the country .

The event will be held on Saturday, 4th May, 2019 at Krishibid Institution Bangladesh, KIB; Khamarbari, Dhaka. We are expecting the total participants of the event will be more than 1500 participants. The audiences who will be attending the event are Students, Young Professionals, Corporates, Govt. Employees, Job Seekers, IT leaders, Industry giants, Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Outsources and such. It will be a day long program having 4 different sessions. The event sessions will be as- Special guest appearance & speech, CITI Faculties & Speech, Award Giving Ceremony, Job Placement, Photoshoot, Motivational Speech Session and Cultural Program. The motive behind organizing such program is to motivate the whole freelancers of the country, to make them well known in front of the country, to create values of passive income, to add grades to our economy.


Event Objectives

  • 01. To widen the scope and the horizon of the youth.
  • 02. To enrich IT Professionals life experiences.
  • 03. To secure a better job and to ensure better establishment of the career.
  • 04. To contribute in improvement of IT sectors of Bangladesh by admiring young talents.
  • 05. To inspire others in this IT sector by exploring modern techniques and stories of Freelancers



1500 Potential Participants


Award Giving Ceremony

This year awards will be given in eight different categories including freelancer, teams of young talents, entrepreneurs and successful IT individuals in the local industry of the country. This time the award categories are distributed highlighting relevant criterias and portfolios to better justify the awards and to know about their stories of success. Though Creative IT Award Panel and management reserved every right to choose the individual or team to be awarded. And for this we have some rules and criterias to be followed as completing the selection procedure. In total we are going to give rewards to around 30 including all categories.

  • Beginner's Achievement Award
  • ‘Adommo’ Award
  • Woman Freelancer Award
  • Employee Award
  • Top Freelancer Award [Graphic Design, Web Design, Interior Design, 3D Animation, Digital Marketing]
  • Entrepreneur Award
  • Freelancer Team Award
  • Distant Learning Award

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Event Details


4th May, 2019


9.00 AM - 8.00 PM


Krishibid Institute Bangladesh (KIB)

Theme / Concept

Award Giving Ceremony to Young IT Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Employees of IT Companies and such.


Job Placements

Job Placement Cell is ensuring placement of more than 200 employees in different companies. Their position and current status remarks us as exception. Well reputed companies are joining with us and ensuring best selection procedure of job placement. We introduce young IT professionals to the real life scenario, how the IT Industry works and develops by the period of time.